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Should I File a Motion for Early Discharge?

early term.jpegIf the football team wins on Sunday, the players often get an extra day off. The same thing is true regarding probation. If you do well, you are entitled to additional time off. But a motion for early release for probation means much more than a temporary respite or a longer lunch hour.

The Difference Between Blood Tests and Breath Tests

intox9000.jpegBreathalyzers make up the vast majority of DWI chemical tests in Texas. Since the Supreme Court ruled that blood tests require search warrants, that will probably remain true for quite some time. Occasionally, Texas law enforcement agencies hold "no-refusal weekends." If drivers refuse Breathalyzer tests, officers will obtain search warrants for blood tests. So, you can refuse a chemical test, and that refusal is effective until they strap you onto a gurney and stick a needle in your arm.

What Rights Do I Have If I'm Arrested?

arrested.jpegCounting the so-so 2018 remake, there have now been six Death Wish films. The first one appeared in 1974, when the vigilante crimefighter genre (Death Wish, Walking Tall, Dirty Harry, etc.) was very popular. Angst over a string of 1960s Supreme Court decisions gave rise to these films. Back then, the cases were extremely controversial. Today, they are a fundamental part of criminal law in Tarrant and Parker County.

Top 4 reasons to expunge a past criminal conviction

Like most Texans, you work hard to get what you want. You go to work every day and take care of your family. Unlike some citizens of the Lonestar State, though, you have a criminal conviction in your past. Even though you have paid your fine, served your sentence or otherwise dealt with the consequences of your conduct, the conviction still haunts you.


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