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Month: March 2019

Should I Hire My Own Lawyer?

In movies and TV shows, court-appointed defense lawyers and public defenders are often overworked and under-prepared. Fortunately, real life in a Tarrant County courtroom is nothing like what you see on TV, at least in this context. The Sixth Amendment guarantees all...

Some Hidden DWI Defenses

In most DWI cases, intoxication or sobriety is basically the only issue. If the defendant provided a chemical sample, and that sample's BAC level was above the legal limit, the defendant is normally guilty as a matter of law. If the defendant did not provide a sample,...

Elements of a Successful Dog Bite Claim

The better doctors understand the physical and emotional aspects of dog bite injuries, the more these claim amounts increase. The average settlement in a dog bite case has increased over 75 percent since 2003. When dogs bite, they usually cause both deep puncture and...

The Five Types of Driving Impairment

Lightning strikes, sudden wind gusts, and a few other uncontrollable incidents cause a handful of the car crashes in Tarrant County. But human error causes about 95 percent of these incidents. Many times, that driver error involves one of the five types of driving...

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