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Five Search Warrant Exceptions in Criminal Cases

Thumbnail image for AdobeStock_116715709 (1).jpegIn a series of decisions during the 1960s, the Supreme Court applied the Fourth Amendment and other Constitutional protections to the states. So, Tarrant County law enforcement agencies must respect the same rules as the FBI, ATF, DEA, and other federal law enforcement agencies.

Explaining the One Leg Stand Test

Thumbnail image for AdobeStock_116715709 (1).jpegIn many ways, the OLS is the classic DWI field sobriety test. This divided attention test measures both mental acuity and physical dexterity. Usually, people who are intoxicated cannot walk and chew gum at the same time in this way. That's why alcohol is such as dangerous driving impairment substance.

What is the HGN Test?

Most people have undergone a Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test at one time or another. Doctors use it to look for signs of neurological problems. Usually, the test administrator instructs the subject to follow a moving point, such as a fingertip, just by moving their eyes. If the pupils move involuntarily, the person probably has nystagmus.

Winning Compensation in a Distracted Driving Case

Thumbnail image for Image_cont_08a84c3a99b1313e96025abf47683c8c258f235c.jpegFor the most past, smartphones and other wireless internet devices have improved our lives. Distracted driving is perhaps the most significant exception to this general rule. Every year, inattentive motorists seriously injure roughly 400,000 Americans. Cell phones are not responsible for all those injuries, but they do cause a lot of them.

Early Discharge and Record Sealing: The Texas Post-Conviction Two Step

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for AdobeStock_80814322.jpegThe Texas Department of Criminal Justice supervises about a quarter of a million probationers a year. That figure does not include the high number of absconders (people who completely ignore probation orders) or who are later incarcerated for some reason.

How Can I Get Off the Sex Offender Registry List in Texas?

Thumbnail image for AdobeStock_116715709 (1).jpegIn the United States, many people believe that all sex offenders are the same. A boy who's a few months too old to have a consensual relationship with a teenager is just as bad as a man who rapes a nursing home resident. That's just one reason the sex offender registration requirement is a very difficult pill to swallow.

What to Look For in a Parker County Criminal Defense Attorney

AdobeStock_116715709 (1).jpegIf you go to Google and enter a search phrase like "Weatherford drug crimes lawyer," about a million results will pop up. A few of these lawyers may just take your money, but the vast majority would probably defend you very well in court. They would also give you solid legal advice, so you can make good choices.


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