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Month: July 2019

A Parker County Dog Bite Overview

The average injury settlement in dog bite cases has increased 94 percent since 2003. These attacks are much more violent than many people believe. When animals attack, the knockdown alone usually causes broken bones and other injuries. Then, when dogs bite, their...

Understanding Pedestrian Accidents

Speed is usually the most critical factor in pedestrian injuries. If the tortfeasor (negligent driver) is travelling slower than 30mph at the time of impact, the pedestrian death rate is less than 10 percent. But the fatality rate skyrockets to 90 percent if the...

Understanding Grocery Store Falls

Anyone can fall at any time. In fact, these injuries cost more than $50 billion per year, in terms of things like broken bones and head injuries. Yet these physical wounds only tell part of the story. Many fall victims, especially older victims, are so afraid of...

Three Ways to Beat Drug Charges

Most Tarrant County drug crimes are simple possession cases. That's true for 85 percent of drug cases overall, and over 90 percent of marijuana prosecutions. These statistics are so high because possession arrests are easy to make. Officers pull over a driver for a...

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