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December 2019 Archives

Five Expungeable Results in Parker County

All criminal convictions have direct as well as collateral consequences. Many offenses are crimes of moral turpitude. CMTs could have immigration and other consequences. Additionally, criminal convictions usually make it difficult to obtain student aid, pursue certain professional occupations, or even find a good place to live.

What's the Difference Between Deferred Disposition and Pretrial Diversion?

Both these things sound roughly alike and have long words that start with "D." Moreover, they are both a lot like probation, from a procedural standpoint. FInally, they both have the same happy ending. If the defendant successfully completes either program, the defendant has no conviction record.

Overcoming Marijuana Possession Charges

Attitudes are changing about marijuana, but North Texas peace officers are more aggressive than ever when it comes to these charges. Nationwide, officers mad a marijuana-related arrest once every forty-eight seconds. Over 90 percent of these arrests involved simple possession.

Can I Drop Assault Charges Against My Spouse?

Back in the day, the spousal privilege applied in assault cases. Spouses had an absolute right to refuse to testify in these situations. But the law changed several decades ago. The domestic assault trial of former Houston Oilers quarterback Warren Moon was one of the first times that the state forced a wife to testify against her husband.


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