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Month: February 2020

Taking on the DWI Field Sobriety Tests

If officers have probable cause, they can demand that DWI suspects provide chemical breath or blood samples which determine their Blood Alcohol Content. If the BAC level is above the legal limit, which is usually .08, the defendant might be guilty as a matter of law....

Dangerous Curves Ahead in Fort Worth

For the second time in two years, a vehicle jumped a curve on South Hulen Street, causing massive property damage. Following a similar incident in 2018 at the same location, the City of Fort Worth promised to make the intersection safer. Some of those plans, such as a...

Undermining the FSTs in Parker County

Whether or not the defendant provides a chemical sample, the Field Sobriety Tests are important in DWI cases. As for test cases, the FSTs allow Parker County prosecutors to establish probable cause. A mere suspicion of DWI, such as erratic driving or an odor of...