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The Pros and Cons of Deferred Adjudication in Texas

Laying the Groundwork for Expungement in Texas

Four Sought-After Qualities in a Tarrant County Criminal Defense Attorney

herreth.jpegMost public defenders and court-appointed lawyers are capable professionals. In fact, in many cases, these lawyers are at or near the top of the profession. However, a few of these attorneys are kids just out of school or lawyers who happen to be friends with a court coordinator.

Taking on Parker County Drug Cases

POM arrest.jpegThe war on drugs had barely started when it took a very bizarre turn. In 1970, Elvis Presley paid a surprise visit to the White House. The singer told President Richard Nixon he would be an excellent undercover marshal because he was intimately familiar with "drug abuse and Communist brainwashing techniques." I'm not sure what one has to do with the other, but that's what The King said.

Should I Represent Myself?

Thumbnail image for AdobeStock_80814322.jpegSelf-representation is sometimes a good idea. Traffic court is a good example. Traffic court judges are usually accustomed to people who handle their own cases. Furthermore, even if the case goes sideways, the worst possible outcome is usually a large fine.

Do Anonymous Tips Pay Off?

Five Qualifications for Expungement in Tarrant County

courthouse.jpegMany states have extremely complex rules regarding what offenses are expungeable and which ones are not. But in Texas, the rules are fairly straightforward. So, at your initial consultation, a Fort Worth criminal defense attorney should be able to tell right away if you are eligible for this kind of relief. If the lawyer hesitates, you probably need to find someone else.


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