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The Three Different Types of DWI Prosecutions in Parker County

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for romberg.jpegNew York lawmakers passed the nation's first DWI law in 1910. For many years thereafter, police officers often released intoxicated motorists with just a warning. Then, beginning in the 1980s, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers and other advocacy groups successfully pushed for change.

What's the Difference Between Drugged Driving and Drunk Driving?

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for romberg.jpegIn many places, "drugged" driver cause more fatal crashes than "drunk" drivers. So, Tarrant County prosecutors pursue these cases very aggressively. Prescription drugs and marijuana account for a little over half of drugged driving prosecutions in Texas.

Why Should a Weatherford Criminal Lawyer Represent Me at the ALR Hearing?

Thumbnail image for romberg.jpegEven though Texas is an implied consent state, officials cannot automatically suspend drivers' licenses following DWI arrests. To do so, there must be an Administrative License Suspension hearing to determine if such suspension is appropriate.

Five DWI Defenses in Parker County

Thumbnail image for AdobeStock_80814322.jpegIn 2018, Texas law enforcement officers arrested over 95,000 Texans for DWI. That figure was almost 10 percent higher than the 2017 arrest total. Prosecutors are very aggressive as well. The number of dismissals dropped sharply in 2018. In other words, Parker County prosecutors almost always pursue DWI cases, no matter how weak or strong the evidence is.


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