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Common Expungement Myths Exposed

All criminal convictions have both direct consequences, such as jail time or court supervision, and collateral consequences, like immigration problems. One of the most significant collateral consequences of a conviction is the conviction itself. Convicted criminals often go through life with targets on their backs. Their credibility suffers, both in court and in the everyday world. Additionally, police officers always look their way when something around them goes wrong.

The Texas Post-Conviction Two Step: Early Discharge and Nondisclosure Orders

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for AdobeStock_80814322.jpegDuring plea negotiations, prosecutors often recommend deferred adjudication probation, especially if the defendant has no criminal record. In other cases, judges may be willing to grant deferred adjudication after an open plea. In open plea matters, defendants literally throw themselves on the mercy of the court. They plead guilty without working out an agreement with prosecutors. This approach is very risky, but it is a good idea in some situations.

Laying the Groundwork for Expungement in Texas

Am I Now Eligible for Expunction?

expunge.jpegIn the social media era, pretty much everything is permanent public record. Even if you delete that questionable Tweet, someone probably made a screenshot of it. So, it's rather ironic that today's Texas expungement and sealing laws are broader than ever.

Can I get my case expunged in Texas?

The court has dismissed the criminal case against you, whether through a deferred adjudication program or another mechanism. While that is certainly good news, you should be aware that, without further action, your arrest record remains available to employers, landlords and other people you may not wish to share this information with.


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