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Immigration Issues in Tarrant County Criminal Cases

Deportation and immigration are among the most divisive issues of our time. There are strong feelings, and valid arguments, on each side. The government cannot give out visas like they were free samples at Sam's, and the government cannot close the border and exclude everyone. That leaves an extremely large middle ground.

The Whys and Hows of Pretrial Release in Tarrant County

180126183044-van-jones-1-exlarge-169.jpgDuring jury trials, incarcerated defendants almost never appear in jail clothes or shackles. Even though judges tell jurors that pretrial detention means nothing in terms of guilt or innocence, there is a very real presumption of guilt if the defendant is in jail.

Am I Now Eligible for Expunction?

expunge.jpegIn the social media era, pretty much everything is permanent public record. Even if you delete that questionable Tweet, someone probably made a screenshot of it. So, it's rather ironic that today's Texas expungement and sealing laws are broader than ever.

How Accurate Are Breathalyzer Tests?

breath results.jpegToday's Breathalyzer is based on the Drunk-O-Meter, which appeared in the 1930s. So, the Breathalyzer is a very well-established piece of technology. However, the Breathalyzer has also not changed very much since those early models. Thus, the flaws inherent in those early models still remain today.

Should I File a Motion for Early Discharge?

early term.jpegIf the football team wins on Sunday, the players often get an extra day off. The same thing is true regarding probation. If you do well, you are entitled to additional time off. But a motion for early release for probation means much more than a temporary respite or a longer lunch hour.


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