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What's the Difference Between Regular Probation and Deferred Adjudication?

probation.pngAs a practical matter, there is basically no difference between these two types of court supervision. They both usually involve suspended jail sentences, payment of fines and court costs, reporting requirements, and other mandates, such as community service, self-improvement classes, or monitoring devices like ankle bracelets or ignition interlock devices.

Should I File a Motion for Early Discharge?

early term.jpegIf the football team wins on Sunday, the players often get an extra day off. The same thing is true regarding probation. If you do well, you are entitled to additional time off. But a motion for early release for probation means much more than a temporary respite or a longer lunch hour.

Is Deferred Adjudication Always Better Than Straight Probation?

During the period of probation, these two sentencing alternatives are the same. Both usually mean attending meetings with a probation officer, performing community service, attending drug education or other classes, and paying fines. Both usually have the same set of generic conditions, such as supporting dependents, avoiding bad habits, and staying away from disreputable people.


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