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Obtaining Compensation in Eighteen-Wheeler Wrecks

In many large truck collisions, proving liability is not much of a problem. Common carriers, like truck drivers, taxi drivers, and Uber drivers, have a high duty of care. So, what might pass for an accident with a non-commercial driver is negligence where commercial operators are concerned.

The Five Types of Driving Impairment

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for AdobeStock_116715709 (1).jpegThere are thousands of vehicle collisions in Tarrant County every year. Sudden wind gusts and other uncontrollable events cause a few of them. But for the most part, these events are not accidents. They may have been unintentional, but they were usually preventable. For that reason, many government agencies and media outlets no longer use the A-word to describe these incidents.

Five Car Crash Dos and Don'ts

civil law.jpegNegligence, which is a lack of care, causes about 90 percent of the car crashes in Tarrant County. So, most vehicle collisions are not unavoidable "accidents." In these cases, victims may be entitled to substantial compensation. This reimbursement usually includes money for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering.

A Parker County Dog Bite Overview

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for download (1).jpgThe average injury settlement in dog bite cases has increased 94 percent since 2003. These attacks are much more violent than many people believe. When animals attack, the knockdown alone usually causes broken bones and other injuries. Then, when dogs bite, their teeth cause deep puncture wounds as well as severe tearing wounds.

Understanding Pedestrian Accidents

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for AdobeStock_116715709 (1).jpegSpeed is usually the most critical factor in pedestrian injuries. If the tortfeasor (negligent driver) is travelling slower than 30mph at the time of impact, the pedestrian death rate is less than 10 percent. But the fatality rate skyrockets to 90 percent if the tortfeasor is moving faster than 40mph.

Understanding Grocery Store Falls

Thumbnail image for brainerd-injury-attorneys.jpgAnyone can fall at any time. In fact, these injuries cost more than $50 billion per year, in terms of things like broken bones and head injuries. Yet these physical wounds only tell part of the story. Many fall victims, especially older victims, are so afraid of subsequent falls that they basically become prisoners in their own homes.


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