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Explaining the One Leg Stand Test

Thumbnail image for AdobeStock_116715709 (1).jpegIn many ways, the OLS is the classic DWI field sobriety test. This divided attention test measures both mental acuity and physical dexterity. Usually, people who are intoxicated cannot walk and chew gum at the same time in this way. That's why alcohol is such as dangerous driving impairment substance.

What is the HGN Test?

Most people have undergone a Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test at one time or another. Doctors use it to look for signs of neurological problems. Usually, the test administrator instructs the subject to follow a moving point, such as a fingertip, just by moving their eyes. If the pupils move involuntarily, the person probably has nystagmus.

Avoiding the Collateral Consequences of a DWI

Thumbnail image for 920x920 (1).jpgAll criminal cases have collateral consequences. For example, when people Google your name, some very unflattering images and entries may appear at the top of the page. Furthermore, many people must miss work to attend court appearances. Finally, criminal proceedings usually hang over people like dark clouds until they are resolved.

If I Provided a Chemical Sample, Am I Automatically Guilty of DWI?

dwi with child.jpegThis question comes up a lot, because most DWI cases in Tarrant County are test cases. Sometimes, defendants do not fully understand their right to refuse a breath or blood test. Other times, quite understandably, defendants want to cooperate with law enforcement so they do not make deep legal holes even deeper.

Some Hidden DWI Defenses

OLS1.jpegIn most DWI cases, intoxication or sobriety is basically the only issue. If the defendant provided a chemical sample, and that sample's BAC level was above the legal limit, the defendant is normally guilty as a matter of law.

Handling Unapproved FSTs in a Tarrant County DWI

DWIs and Child Endangerment Charges


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