Texas DUI: Avoiding jail time

| Nov 8, 2016 |

The best way for you to avoid going to jail on a DUI conviction in Texas is obviously to avoid drinking and driving altogether. If you plan to imbibe before getting behind the wheel, you may first want to educate yourself as much as possible about the risks involved. That way, you might feel more relaxed when you’re out on the town with friends or family and not feel as worried about getting pulled over or arrested for suspicion of impaired driving. In fact, there are several things you can do to help you avoid a negative outcome.

Know state DUI laws

Brushing up on state laws concerning driving under the influence of alcohol is always a good idea before you decide to consume an alcoholic beverage and then operate a motor vehicle. A conviction for DUI can drastically change your life; you could wind up behind bars, face substantial monetary fines or undergo restrictions of your driving privileges. Understanding how the law works from the start may help you avoid problems later.

Be aware of your own limitations

Every state has its own regulations as to legal blood alcohol content levels for anyone driving a motor vehicle after consuming an alcoholic beverage. Knowing how much alcohol you can safely consume without becoming intoxicated is a good way to stay safe and avoid legal problems when traveling from one destination to another. There are online BAC calculators that can serve as useful tools for helping to determine your own safe drinking limits. (Of course, such resources are never 100 percent reliable.)

Familiarize yourself with field sobriety tests

For the sake of being aware of all possible consequences regarding driving after drinking alcohol, you might find it beneficial to learn about various field sobriety tests which may be conducted if you do get pulled over on suspicion of DUI. An officer in charge might request that you take a Breathalyzer test, for instance, or perform other physical agility tests, such as standing on one foot or walking along a straight line. If you refuse to submit to chemical tests, there may be automatic repercussions if any charges are filed. Understanding all this ahead of time can help you make informed decisions.

Seek support immediately

If you find yourself facing DUI charges in Texas, you can take immediate steps to build as strong a defense as possible to minimize the potential negative impact the situation may have on your future. You are entitled to act alongside experienced representation when facing drunk driving charges in court. In fact, there have been many past situations where an aggressive defense has helped others avoid convictions. Regardless of the details of your particular situation, a skilled defense attorney can help you obtain as positive an outcome as possible.