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DWI and eligibility for an occupational driver license

The state of Texas has harsh penalties for driving while intoxicated, which include heavy fines, the possibility of jail time and loss of your driving privileges.

If you cannot drive, how will you get to work, to a medical appointment or to your post-graduate classes? Take heart; you may be eligible for an occupational driver license, especially if you are a first offender.

Some Often-Overlooked DWI Defenses

breathalyzer.jpegIn most DWI defense matters, intoxication is the only issue. The state can use either direct or circumstantial evidence to prove intoxication. A chemical test that shows a BAC above the legal limit is proof of intoxication as a matter of law. Or, the prosecutor can rely on the circumstantial evidence from the field sobriety tests.

Cases Against Would-Be Bank Robbers Move Forward

bank.jpegIn July 2017, two men stormed into the Veritex Community Bank on Merrick in Fort Worth. Now, one of them just pleaded guilty, and another one awaits a competency hearing.

Challenging the Walk-and-Turn Test

download.jpegNormally, the walk-and-turn, along with the other approved field sobriety tests, establish probable cause for a DWI arrest. This evidentiary standard is between reasonable suspicion (an evidence-based hunch) and beyond a reasonable doubt. So, it's a rather low standard.

Top Six Reasons You Should Hire a Lawyer Immediately

download (4).jpegIn 2016, thirty-eight Tarrant County law enforcement agencies arrested over 63,000 people. The Sixth Amendment guarantees all these individuals the right to counsel, and there are many different attorneys to chose from. Public defenders and court-appointed lawyers are available, but in most cases, it's best not to wait until your first court date to hire a lawyer.

The Three Most Common Drug Arrest Scenarios

elvis-presley-president-nixon-gettyimages-3072025.jpegOne of the most bizarre incidents in Presidential history probably launched the so-called war on drugs. In December 1970, Elvis Presley, who was clad in a purple velvet suit, unexpectedly dropped in on President Richard Nixon at the White House. After presenting the somewhat befuddled Nixon with a Colt .45 pistol, Elvis insisted that he was an authority on "drug abuse and Communist brainwashing techniques," so he would be an excellent undercover marshal. Nixon politely refused the singer's assistance. Even now, the Elvis-Nixon photo remains iconic.


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