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Common Expungement Myths Exposed

All criminal convictions have both direct consequences, such as jail time or court supervision, and collateral consequences, like immigration problems. One of the most significant collateral consequences of a conviction is the conviction itself. Convicted criminals often go through life with targets on their backs. Their credibility suffers, both in court and in the everyday world. Additionally, police officers always look their way when something around them goes wrong.

Five Possible Breathalyzer Flaws

If a defendant provided a breath sample, the DWI conviction rate is significantly higher. But that's primarily because of the way the law is written, and not because Breathalyzers are bulletproof. In Texas, if the defendant's BAC level was above the legal limit, the defendant could be guilty as a matter of law.

How Does a Lawyer Win Truck Crash Claims?

A fully-loaded large truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Additionally, these massive vehicles usually carry hundreds of gallons of highly-flammable diesel fuel. This combination often leads to catastrophic injuries, such as serious burns and head or spine injuries.

The Three Standards of Evidence in Criminal Cases

Most people know that defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The presumption of innocence is rather unique to American law. In many other parts of the world, defendants are presumed guilty until they prove their innocence.

Five Search Warrant Exceptions in Drug Cases

Generally, officers must have search warrants to seize physical evidence, such as illegal drugs. However, in many of these cases, things happen so quickly that officers do not bother with search warrants. Despite the prohibition against warrantless searches in the Fourth Amendment, the seized evidence might still be admissible.

Grocery Store Slip and Fall Injuries: What You Need to Know

Fall injuries are the leading cause of ER visits in Tarrant County. Nationwide, some eight million fall victims are rushed to hospital emergency rooms every year. Many of these falls occur inside grocery stores, or in grocery store parking lots.

Taking on the DWI Field Sobriety Tests

If officers have probable cause, they can demand that DWI suspects provide chemical breath or blood samples which determine their Blood Alcohol Content. If the BAC level is above the legal limit, which is usually .08, the defendant might be guilty as a matter of law. About 80 percent of DWI suspects provide chemical samples.


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