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How Do I Get Off the Sex Offender List in Texas?

California passed the first sex offender registration law way back in 1947. These laws became increasingly common beginning in the 1980s, culminating with the federal Jacob Wetterling Act in 1994. Patty Wetterling, who lobbied extensively for this legislation following the death of her son, now condemns sex offender registration laws as overly harsh. But that's the subject of another blog.

Boning Up on Dog Bite Law (No Pun Intended)

It is spring once again in North Texas. So, both dogs and people will once again be out and about in force. Every year, dogs bite about five million people. A significant number of these victims go to hospital emergency rooms, where they later require extensive surgery and physical rehabilitation.

Immediate Jail Release: Jumpstarting a Tarrant County Criminal Defense

Jail release is more than personal convenience. It's also more than in the best interests of your job and family. It's even more than the best thing for your mental state. If the defendant is incarcerated, it's almost impossible to mount a successful defense.

Seven Expungeable Results in Tarrant County

Both misdemeanor and felony convictions have serious collateral consequences. Many people with such records have a hard time obtaining certain professional licenses, finding a nice place to live, obtaining student financial aid, and finding a good job.

The Three Elements of a Marijuana Possession Prosecution

In recent years, many states have all but eliminated their criminal laws which prohibit marijuana possession. On January 1, 2020, Illinois became the latest state to legalize recreational weed. However, marijuana possession is still illegal in Texas. As a matter of fact, the Lone Star State has one of the toughest marijuana possession laws in the country. A single joint could mean up to six months in jail.


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