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Five Assault Enhancements in Parker County

Generally, assault is a spontaneous crime related to alcohol consumption. A verbal argument gets out of control or people do things they normally would not do. As a result, Section 22.01 crimes are fairly common on court dockets in the months following the sometimes overly-festive holiday season.

Resolving Drug Possession Claims in Parker County

Ordinary possession charges, which could be misdemeanors or felonies, account for over 80 percent of the drug cases in Parker County. This high percentage is probably a byproduct of the 1980s war on drugs. Back then, perhaps because of the fictional and news media, most people saw drug possession as a criminal matter.

What comes next if the police stop you on suspicion of DWI?

Given the frequency of alcohol-related vehicle crashes, the state of Texas is serious about preventing drivers from getting on the road while intoxicated.

You may never have had any experience with law enforcement until an officer stops you on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, and you are understandably nervous. What happens next?

Breaking Down Nursing Home Fall Claims

Most people go to nursing homes to receive the care and attention they need. Sadly, in many cases, things do not work out that way. Largely because of nursing home overcrowding, about 60 percent of nursing home residents sustain serious falls. A majority of these people can no longer live independently after they fall.

Does the ALR Hearing Matter in a Parker County DWI Case?

Drivers' license suspension is perhaps the worst collateral effect of a DWI. However, contrary to popular myth, arrest-related drivers' license suspension is neither automatic nor mandatory. That's assuming the defendant requests an Administrative License Revocation hearing. At the ALR hearing, the state must prove specific facts to impose license suspension.


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