Texas man charged with DWI after accident

A Texas man was taken into custody on suspicion of drunk driving on the night of Sept. 19 after being involved in a two-vehicle accident. After being processed at the Brazos County Jail, the 25-year-old Bryan resident secured his release by posting bonds in the amount of $6,000. The accident did not cause any injuries according to a Department of Public Safety report.

Witnesses describe reckless maneuver

The events unfolded on FM 1179 near the entrance to Frank’s Country Store. Eyewitnesses are said to have told responding DSP troopers that a pickup truck driver lost control of his vehicle as he attempted to pass a line of cars that had been waiting to turn left. They said that the pickup truck struck the rear of a car before coming to a rest in a creek. According to reports, the car that was struck was propelled into a ditch. A resisting charge was added after the man allegedly refused to cooperate with medical technicians who had been tasked with gathering a blood sample.

Previous assault conviction

A records check revealed that the man was sentenced to probation in 2017 after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor count of simple assault. According to media reports, he was charged in connection with a physical attack in College Station that left the victim with loosened teeth and a broken jaw. Police officers determined that the man initiated the assault.

Resisting arrest makes a bad situation worse

Resisting arrest, refusing to cooperate with jail or hospital staff and attempting to elude law enforcement will usually make an already bad situation much worse. This type of behavior gives police the opportunity to file additional charges and could encourage prosecutors to take a firmer approach during plea negotiations. If you are ever tempted to flee from the scene of a traffic stop, an experienced criminal defense attorney may urge you to resist the impulse, make no admissions when questioned and ask to speak with a lawyer.