What to Look For in a Parker County Criminal Defense Attorney

What to Look For in a Parker County Criminal Defense AttorneyIf you go to Google and enter a search phrase like “Weatherford drug crimes lawyer,” about a million results will pop up. A few of these lawyers may just take your money, but the vast majority would probably defend you very well in court. They would also give you solid legal advice, so you can make good choices.

To choose the best attorney, do not consider things like a flashy website, glowing client reviews, or other superficial things. Focus on the three areas below, and your inquiry will point you in the right direction.


There really is no substitute for experience. But not all experience is the same. If you go to a new restaurant, you want the chef to have cooking experience, and not just general restaurant experience.

Over 95 percent of criminal cases settle out of court. So, many attorneys with years of practice experience may have very little trial experience. As a result, they may not be as tenacious as they should be. The late Grant Cooper, who was Sirhan Sirhan’s defense attorney in the Robert Kennedy assassination trial, may be a good example. Over the years, some people have said that Cooper did not aggressively defend Sirhan because Cooper had little trial experience.

Apropos of nothing, Grant Cooper was also Shirley Temple’s lawyer during her 1949 divorce from John Wayne sidekick John Agar.

Anyway, you want a Weatherford criminal defense attorney who has lots of criminal trial experience. Former prosecutors usually fit this mold nicely.


At some law firms, criminal defense is basically a sideline. Their attorneys handle a few minor cases here and there, mostly for friends and relatives. But many of these lawyers do not like criminal law, mostly because of the aforementioned lack of courtroom drama.

But diversity is important too. If the attorney only does criminal law, that could mean the person is not really a very good litigator. Avoid these lawyers like the plague.

So, your Weatherford criminal defense attorney needs dedication to criminal law. That dedication usually means a passion for individual rights. That’s the kind of lawyer you want in your corner when the fight gets really rough.


There is a balance here as well. Your lawyer should have plenty of time for you, but your lawyer should also be busy.

Let’s go back to the restaurant example. If the dining area is not very crowded and the hostess can seat you right away during a peak period, that’s probably a bad sign. The opposite is true as well. No plate of lasagne that I’ve ever tried has been worth a two-hour wait. If the restaurant is overly busy, try the one next door.

Your initial consultation says a lot. The attorney should not make you wait more than a few minutes, should patiently explain the process and answer all your questions, and should not rush you out the door.

At some point, your criminal case probably involved some poor choices. Make sure you get this one right. For a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Weatherford, contact Herreth Law. Convenient payment plans are available.