Aggressive Defense For People Charged With Drug Crimes

There are countless people in Texas who have found themselves in serious legal trouble due to an arrest for a drug crime. The state is very aggressive when dealing with these cases, so it is important that you understand that even a minor crime can carry extremely severe penalties. You have to prepare yourself for this process in order to present a strong defense to these accusations.

I am attorney Andrew Herreth, and I have extensive experience on both sides of these cases. Before I opened my own law firm in Weatherford, I was a prosecutor who handled drug crimes. I know what must be done to ensure that you have an opportunity to protect yourself against any and all drug crime allegations.

Stay Focused On Your Future

A conviction of a crime will always carry some consequences. I will analyze your case to determine what you are facing, and what I can do to provide you with a chance to protect your future. I will answer your questions, and give you advice that helps you sort out your options. I handle many different drug crimes cases for my clients, including:

  • Possession of marijuana
  • Possession of prescription drugs
  • Manufacturing or distribution of meth
  • Money laundering associated with the purchase or sale of illegal drugs

In many of these cases, Texas law allows police to seize any of the assets that are believed to be connected to the illegal activity. You will have the opportunity to have a hearing to contest the asset forfeiture, but you must do this very soon after the arrest. If you fail to take action, you will not be able to request the hearing in the future to have your assets returned.

It is also important to note that most drug crimes will result in the loss of your driver’s license if you are convicted of a crime. This can make it almost impossible for you to be able to get back to normal after your case has completed.

It Is Up To You To Protect Your Rights. Prosecutors Aren’t Going To Do It For You.

You need to have a lawyer on your side when you have been charged with a drug crime. You have too much to lose if you do not take this seriously. To learn more about what I can do to help protect your rights, please call me at 817-755-5535 or send me an email to schedule your free consultation.