Wiping Your Record Clean And Starting Again

One of the most common questions that I receive at my firm concerns the clearing of a person’s criminal record. A conviction of a crime, or even an arrest of a crime, can be enough to disqualify a person from certain jobs, from receiving bank loans or even finding a place to live.

Obtaining a clear criminal record is a very complicated process. At Herreth Law in Weatherford, I can help you determine if you qualify for an expunction or expungement of your records. If your case was dismissed, never filed or you successfully completed a pretrial diversionary program, you may be able to have the events removed from your criminal history.

Having these crimes or arrests cleared from your criminal record can be life-changing. You will be able to answer “no” on applications when they ask you if you have been convicted or arrested for a crime. You will not have to explain time and time again, what happened in your situation.

What Crimes Potentially Qualify For Expunctions In Texas?

Certain misdemeanors and felonies may result in expunctions, such as shoplifting, assault and other offenses that range in severity. You should really talk to an attorney to understand if you qualify. Because of the variety of factors that come into play during this process, you must speak with someone who can evaluate your chances of success. I will be able to examine the facts of your situation, and help you learn about what options are available to you to clear your record.

What Are Nondisclosures?

Nondisclosures differ slightly from expunctions. Under a nondisclosure, private entities do not see the incident on your record, but government agencies can still see the past conviction. This is still advantageous for you, because it will prevent most employers from learning about your record. In many situations, nondisclosures are often one of the main features of a pretrial diversion program.

Preserve Your Future. I Can Help You Remove Past Mistakes From Your Record.

An experienced lawyer is absolutely essential if you think you may qualify for an expungement or nondisclosure. To speak to me about your options, please call my office at or send me an email.